4000 DT Drive

4000 DT Drive

The Cyclo-Index 4000 Series Dial Table Index Drive Package delivers a low-profile rotary dial indexer with the flexibility of our Cyclo-Index cam-driven mechanism. This allows a variety of standard motions, including a true 2-stop model. We can also provide special motions to meet specific design requirements. With its dynamic braking and variable speed controller, this package offers complete timing and control versatility.

Standard Package

  • Cyclo - Index 4000 Series Dial Table.
  • 1 / 3 hp, PMDC, 90V, 1800 rpm.
  • Double - enveloping worm reducer, internally mounted, 30:1 or 60:1 ratio.
  • DC motor control, variable speed, dynamic braking.
  • Cam and limit switch for cycle - on - demand.
  • Center through - hole(1.5") for power / signal apparatus.
  • Universal mounting capability.


  • 1 - stop through 12 - stop available.
  • Other motions and input periods.
  • Non - standard ratios and motors.
  • Vertical mounting.
  • Torque overload device.
  • Dial plates.
  • Tooling plates and posts.


  • Cyclo - Index patented motion curve for optimized kinematic properties.
  • Low profile for tight spaces.
  • Internally mounted reducer results in a clean, compact unit.
  • Double - enveloping worm gear gives maximum torque, minimum backlash.
  • Optional: Dial Table Torque Overload
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