Dial Table Index Drives

Cyclo-Index DT Series mechanical index drives are designed for dial plate indexing and many other intermittent motion applications.

  • Drive package comes in low-profile configuration with rugged, cast housing.
  • Can be universally mounted.
  • Large output element for mounting stability.
  • Hardened cam for durability.
  • Center through-hole for signal apparatus, wiring, etc.

3400 DT Drive 3400 DT Drive

The Cyclo-Index 3400 Series Dial Table Index Drive Package is designed to provide automation engineers with a compact and reliable rotary dial indexer. 3400 DT Drives feature a modified sine motion, widely accepted in the industry for mechanical intermittent motion drives...

4000 DT Drive 4000 DT Drive

The Cyclo-Index 4000 Series Dial Table Index Drive Package delivers a low-profile rotary dial indexer with the flexibility of our Cyclo-Index cam-driven mechanism. This allows a variety of standard motions, including a true 2-stop model...

4800 DT Drive 4800 DT Drive

The Cyclo-Index 4800 Series Dial Table Index Drive Package is the latest addition to our line of cam-driven rotary dial indexers. The 4800 DT provides smooth, mechanical indexing motion and handles up to 11,000 in-lb of torque...

Servo Dial Tables Servo Dial Tables

The new Cyclo-Index 3400DTW is a servo-driven rotary dial table designed for applications that require flexible motion, high accuracy, and minimal maintenance. The dial is supported by precision cross-contact radial bearings, and the driving mechanism can offer as little as zero backlash...
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