Parallel-Shaft Indexers

Cyclo-Index offers the most complete line of parallel-shaft index drives in the industry. Our cost-effective, reliable, high-quality indexers come in standards units or can be custom-made to fit your needs.

  • Standard indexers range from miniature 0800 Series to 6400 Series.
  • Compound, multiple-motion, tandem, and alternating drives available.
  • Feature a basic two-component indexing system with input and output elements.

Basic Index Drives Basic Index Drives

Our basic index drive is one Cyclo-Index mechanism assembled in a basic housing to provide rotary-to-rotary intermittent motion. .

Compound Index Drives Compound Index Drives

Our compound index drives combine mechanisms in a compound housing to deliver the speed and timing you need for your operation. .

Multiple Motion Index Drives Multiple Motion Index Drives

These drives combine two Cyclo-Index mechanisms in a multiple motion housing to provide speed decreasing gears off of the output, allowing you to obtain particular revolutions or motions. One set of elements controls horizontal movement while the other set controls vertical movement...
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