Precision Link Conveyor

Precision Link Conveyor

The Cyclo-Index Precision Link Conveyor is designed to be a foundation for automation applications that require accurate positioning. The heart of this package is our proven Cyclo-Index Drive, which assures the highest quality and performance.

Standard Models Customized To Your Specifications

  • Cyclo - Index patented motion offers low peak acceleration and a smooth index.
  • Conveyor is available in carousel or over / under configurations.
  • Each system has steel mounting surfaces for tooling and equipment.
  • The unit employs our precision - machined link assemblies.
  • Each link features internal roller bearings for precise, quiet operation.
  • Precision cam followers assure durability, accuracy, and ease of maintenance.

Details And Features

  • Available in lengths divisible by 18 inches, up to a 12-foot center distance.
  • Standard pitches are 1.5-, 3-, 4.5-, and 6-inch linear travel.
  • +/- 0.005-inch repeatability at each station.
  • 4000 Series DT Indexer drive system.
  • Quotes available for non-standard lengths and pitches.
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