Motion control products for your automation equipment.

Dial Table Index Drives

Cyclo-Index DT Series mechanical index drives are designed for dial plate indexing and many other intermittent motion applications.

Parallel-Shaft Indexers

Cyclo-Index offers the most complete line of parallel-shaft index drives in the industry. Our cost-effective, reliable, high-quality indexers come in standards units or can be custom-made to fit your needs.

Screw Machine Kits

Our retrofit kits are designed to increase production and decrease cost in automatic screw machines, including Acme-Gridley, New Britain, and Davenport brands. Cyclo-Index clutch kits and mechanical indexing kits complement each other; installing them will help you maximize your production and profits.

Systems Integration

Whether the motion is walking beam, pick-n-place, rotary, or linear, we can combine our drive package with the frame, mechanism, and controls to create a complete system – typically a key component of an automated production line.

We have experience in the design and build of custom machinery to handle a wide variety of products, anything from 1 - gram ceramic pieces to 80 - gallon steel drums. Our engineers have indexing application expertise you can depend on for your next automation project.Please contact us for a concept, quotation, or formal proposal.

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